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Academic Tutoring for Success

Utilizing techniques & resources to promote understanding using strategies that work with the learning style of the student.


About  Brenda  Goudreau

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I originally graduated Cum Laude from Boston College with a BS in Nursing.  The idea for Academic Tutoring for Success began when I started to take an active role in my children's education.  It was then that I decided that my true passion involved teaching. I returned to college to get my teaching certification. While in college, I was hired by the university to become a peer tutor for various math courses. I really enjoyed the challenge of helping students who struggled with math concepts approach math in a variety of different ways to find solutions while deepening their understanding of the subject. 

I worked as a high school and middle school math teacher for a number of years and throughout this time offered after-school tutoring. This allowed me to fine-tune my own skills.  After several years of teaching, I returned to the university where I had taken math classes to run their tutoring department.

I currently work as a math interventionist at a local high school during the day and continue to tutor students in various math courses in my own office or online.  I also assist students in preparing for PSAT, SSAT, SAT and Praxis Exams.

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How It Works

What  We  Do


Math - Grades 6-8


Algebra I


Algebra II



GED prep

Praxis Prep


Study Skills

Levels of Teaching

Junior High

High School



At our tutoring center we assess each student to ensure that we are addressing their needs.  We utilize techniques and resources to promote understanding of concepts, using strategies that work with the learning style of the student.

Our goal is to make math less intimidating for those who struggle, and to increase the depth of understanding for those who require more challenge.

We strive to maintain open lines of communication with parents, knowing that the student will achieve the highest level of success when tutor, parent and student are all involved in the process.

Tutoring Options

Our Mission

  • In-person (in office) private or small groups.

  • Online, one to one or small groups.

  • Direct instruction - introducing math concepts for the first time.

  • Study Skills

  • Strategies for dealing with math anxiety

  • Test preparation:

    • PSAT

    • SSAT

    • SAT​

    • ACT

    • Praxis

  • Test prep for above includes math, verbal & writing.

  • To promote higher understanding of concepts to reduce or eliminate the need for memorization.

  • To help students determine methods for finding solutions that make sense to them.

  • To help students develop solid study skills that allow them to become successful in all subject areas.

  • To help students becoome independent, lifelong learners who know how to find & use resources that are available to them.


Fee schedule depends upon level of math instruction, and private vs. group tutoring.  Contact us for more information.



"My daughter never really did well in math and hated going to math classes.  After working with Brenda from Academic Tutoring for Success, she began to understand the concepts better, it began to make sense to her, and she began to like going to Geometry.  Now she is asking to take Honors Level math courses.  This would never have happened without working with Brenda."   Stephanie

"Brenda helped my son's math grade go from a 57 to an 81 in just a few weeks.  He actually made the honor roll for the year."   Doreen  

"After one tutoring session with Brenda my daughter ran to the car and happily yelled "I get it!"   Jim

"After taking the Praxis exam four times and failing, I met with Brenda.  She assessed my skills, focusing on my weaknesses, and after several sessions I took the exam again and passed.  I could not have done it without her!"   Kathy

"My daughter has always suffered from anxiety involving anything math-related.  Brenda taught my daughter different strategies to use to control the anxiety, especially during tests.  The anxiety has not gone away completely, but it is much more manageable now."   Cindy

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